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The Department of oil and gas field geophysics is engaged in definition of calculation parameters using well log data:


  • Detecting reservoir layers;
  • Reservoir saturation parameter definition;
  • Porosity factor definition;
  • Oil saturation factor definition;
  • Estimating permeability factors.


Processing well log data, the statistical processing of well log interpretation data, regression analysis with subsequent visualization is provided by using software: GeoPoisk, Solver, Vikiz, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, etc).


The calculation parameters for fields Kluchevoe, Kechimovskoe, Severo-Pokachevskoe, Po-kachevskoe, Uzhno-Ostrovnoe, Zapadno-Asomkinskoe, Russko-Rechenskoe, Tevlinsko-Russkinskoe, etc are defined.


The department is staffed with 25 skilled engineer geophysicists.