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The company "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd possesses all hardware and software conveniences for carrying out seismic material processing and interpretation with involving well log and drilling materials.


The main mathematical tool being used in processing has been developed by CGG and France Petroleum Institute (FPI); the software developed by Russian companies is also used:


  • Processing packages GeoCluster versions 4100 and 5000;
  • Interpretative system INTEFRAL PLUS version 3.33 including seismic stratigraphic analysis module STRATIMAGIC;
  • Software package NexModel;
  • Hampson Russel;
  • Seismic interpretation program package Geografix;
  • Plotting inter-well correlation program PLOTLOG developed in Khanty-Mansiysk Scientific and Analytic Center of Rational Resource Use;
  • Program Solver allowing well log data interpretation;
  • Software products by Paradigm company (Vanguard, Probe, VoxelGeo, SeisEarth, iMap);
  • The company "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd specialists have developed software package which allows working with large databases, storing and quick retrieval of the data stored in the base to timely satisfying geologists and geophysicists requests.

All equipment is connected with Gigabit Ethernet swithes.


The total capacity of disk resources which can be used for solving specific problem is more than 120TB.


Following the changes taking place in the geophysical world "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd becomes use processing on the cluster base.


A cluster with 16 nodes and 128 cores is installed in "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd which allows implementing prestack migration within package Geocluster.

It is necessary to mention the wide range of input-output devices which make the size of information being stored and used virtually unlimited. Tape devices being used during processing are as follows:


  • Fujitsu M2488 (standard 3490);
  • Exabyte – 8505;
  • LTO Ultrium 1,2,4,5;
  • DLT8000;
  • M4 – 9-tracked tape drive for historical field data input


PCs used at the enterprise are intended for the primary information control and preparing report graphic and text materials. If necessary they can be used for increasing number of workstation (X-terminals).


The organization has the repository for storing original, intermediate, and archive data which allows placing more than 3500 cassettes DVD (CDROM) and more than 2500 cassettes DLT, Exabyte, IBM3490, LTO at the same time. This repository is equipped with system controlling humidity and temperature.


All main calculating capacities are equipped with 30 KW centralized redundant power supply providing their work during 40 minutes.