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The company "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd has implemented the work in calculating reserves of complex fields: Tevlinsko-Russkinskoe, Severo-Pokachevskoe, Nong-Yoganskoe, Kluchevoe, Pokachevskoe (KhMAO territory), Russkoe, Russko-Rechenskoe, Zapadno- and Vostochno-Messoyakhskoe (YaNAO territory). LUKOIL, TNK-BP, NGK ”Slavneft” are among our customers.


The timely and high-quality implementing the work cycle from seismic imaging analysis up to development design is provided due to implementing all works at one enterprise. Each stage is controlled and corrected by subsequent works.


The raw data is loaded, stored and processed within unified integrated informational system “BASPRO Optima” under DBMS Oracle control.



The layer and detailed inter-well correlation is carried out in the software product GEOMASTER which is the part of structure “BASPRO Optima”.


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The pool map generation and geometry definition is carried out with program “Isoline”. With 2D imaging the special consideration is given to the analysis of information on section saturation by well log data interpretation, core data, testing and well performance which is often contradictory.


The structural maps and OWC surfaces are corrected taking into account the directional survey quality estimate.


The oil saturation factor dependences on porosity and pool height are obtained as result of capillarimetry data processing.




3D parametric models are built on the base of 2D images and prediction parameter map taking into account all a priory information (capillarimetry, petrophysical, facial, paleotectonic studying). This helps to estimate really the created model quality taking into account correlations between the geophysical data and field development history and carry out timely the predicting highly productive zones for development well boring.


3D modeling is carried out with software “IRAP RMS” (Roxar Company) and “Euclid3” (Scientific and Technical Center SibTekhNeft).


The department staff is represented by skilled specialists with large experience of work in designing and undergoing state expertise.


The general management is carried out by Chief Geologist, the candidate of geology and mineralogy Smetanin A.B. The internal expertise is conducted by Chief Specialist in quality control and expertise Trenin U. V.

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