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At regional and prospect stages, the seismic stratigraphic approach to seismic data interpretation and classic geological analysis methods are used.

Методологическая основа
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Fig. 2
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The complex field geostatistical model creation process consists of the steps as follows:

  • Seismic data to geologic section calibration (see Fig. 4);

Fig. 4
Расчленение фондоформных ачимовских отложений
Fig. 6
  • Selection of interpretative base (time section, pseudo-acoustic or AVO inversion sections, etc. – see Fig. 5), (Fig. 6 illustrates results of acoustic inversion);
  • Object localization in space
  • Target model creation (see Figs. 7, 8);
  • Seismic facial analysis (see Fig. 9);
  • Attribute analysis;
  • Searching for correlative or other relationships between seismic attributes and petrophysical properties of targets (see Figs. 10, 11, 12);
  • Predicting the reservoir parameters using seismic data (see Fig. 13);
  • Estimating reservoir parameter prediction accuracy (see Figs. 14 , 15 , 16;)
  • Creating the reticular 3D target models.