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The company "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd possesses all hardware and software means for implementing seismic material processing. The final processing graph selection takes into account the features of the original material on the base of large test work volume under the control by senior interpreter.

During processing, the special consideration is given to the correcting middle-frequency anomalies in the isochron fields which are resulted from near-surface effects. This processing kind correctness control is implemented both on the phase of processing (NMO velocity field behavior and intersection mis-tie analysis, creating spatial models of near-surface) and the phase of interpretation (paleostructural analysis, decreasing mis-ties with well-boring data, etc). During recovery of amplitude ratio processing, the correction for the dynamic record distortions resulted from shot and receiver environment non-identity is carried out both in amplitude and spectral domain.





"GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd specialists are experienced in the attenuation of very wide range noise registered in field records in various seismogeologic conditions.