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The company "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd carries out analyzing, modeling and designing oil, gas, and gas-condensate field development. It also conducts the scientific and research works ranging from feasibility studying oil, gas and condensate recovery ratio up to the field development flow chart construction, consultations and approval on various levels.



The feasibility studying oil, gas and condensate recovery ratio is conducted on the base of geological models created in the company "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd using modern computer techniques which provide creating 3D geological and hydrodynamic models. 3D modeling is implemented using software both Russian and foreign production. The geological modeling is carried out with software package "IRAP RMS" (Roxar Company). For hydrodynamic modeling the simulator “Tempest More” is used. In calculating engineering and economical indices all regulating document requirements are taken into account.





The "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd specialists took part in creating feasibility studying oil recovery ratio for Sandibinskoe, Nakhodkinskoe, Uzhno-Pokamasovskoe, Severo-Ostrovnoe fields, Experimental Industrial Exploitation and development flow charts for Beregovoe, Samburgskoe, Vostochno-Urengoiskoe, Novo-Urengoiskoe, Sandibinskoe, and other fields.


Currently, the reserve calculation and oil recovery ratio for Zapadno-Asomkinskoe oil field and Entelski area of Mamontovskoe field are evaluated on State Research Committee level.


When creating geologic and hydrodynamic models, the special consideration is given to their adaptation by development history. This allows the updating layer model and correcting development system at every stage of the pool knowledge purposefully and effectively. When designing the development, the 2D and 3D mathematical models are used. These allow the considering more development variants using the newest methods of well work optimization and enhancing oil, gas and condensate recovery.


The most important component of standing geologic and mathematic model is the detailed 3D multiphase dynamic field model, which is constantly adapted by development history.


When oil and gas field standing model creation and maintenance, the means of hydrodynamic modeling are used. These corresponds the complexity of problems set the models. This program package intended for the hydrodynamic modeling contains the developed means for generating the dynamic compositional models of gas-condensate, gas, and oil fields.


If the modern and detailed geologic model of layer is available, the software allows solving the problem of adapting the dynamic model in development history for the fields currently being developed.


On the base of standing model, the designing development is implemented using program packages by "Roxar" company allowing the adaptation of dynamic models by the development history, which enhances the technological showing prediction accuracy.







The alternative elabration envisages taking into account the geologic and engineering measure package including application of new technologies (hydraulic fracturing, horizontal well boring, multi-bottom wells, boring second well bores, etc) and using oil recovery increase methods.


The development department numbers more than 15 employees who have the sufficient experience in creating the design documentation and feasibility studying oil recovery ratio.

The department chief is Balin Valeri Pavlovich who has the experience nearly 30 years, preparing, maintenance and defense of feasibility studying oil recovery ratio in Russia Federation State Reserve Committee nearly for 20 fields, nearly 10-15 designs, flow charts and analyses of development.