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About company

The company "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd staff employed in processing and integrated geologic-geophysical analysis consists mainly of the specialists who work in seismic data processing and interpretation, computer techniques and programming, geologic field creation, reserve calculation, and hydrodynamic modeling more than 20 years. Totally, near 100 skilled specialists (geophysicists and geologists) work at the enterprise.


The staff has the experience of work in all regions and on all West Siberian oil and gas province hydrocarbon deposit types, and the experience in processing and interpretation on 17 objects situated in West Siberia, Near Caspian and Timano-Pecherskaya oil and gas province.




Company "GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA" Ltd subdivision structure


1.      Standard processing department:


  • 2D seismic crew result processing group;
  • 2 groups of processing 3D seismic crews;
  • VSP data processing group;
  • New technique and program development and introduction group


2.      Geologic-geophysical analysis department:


  • 7 interpretation groups


3.      Informational support department (geological department):


  • Reserve estimation group;
  • Informational support group;
  • Well log data digitizing group;
  • Data base development group;
  • Graphic appendix presentation group;
  • Pre-Jurassic basement studying group;
  • Map generation group;
  • Geology and database group.


4.      System-engineering support department:


  • Service and archiving group;
  • Hardware maintenance group.


The Center is equipped with most modern computers allowing considerable diminishing information processing terms.


The mathematic tool – processing and interpretative program packages by leading world companies combined with most modern home software provide experienced company specialists the opportunity of wide choice and optimal combining material processing and interpretation procedures.


This allows the successful solving wide range of problems in complex geology regions (including offshore ones), implementing integrated geologic-geophysical data interpretation, from ranging digital database generation and regional generalizations up to hydrocarbon reserve calculation and forming field development flow charts.