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The company “GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA” Ltd possesses all hardware and software resources for implementing seismic materials processing and interpretation with enlisting well log and well boring data.


The company “GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA” Ltd selects the final processing graph taking into account the features of the original material on the base of large test work volume under the senior interpreter control. We are ready to implement any desires of the customer concerning procedure availability and sequence. During processing, the special consideration is given to the correcting middle-frequency anomalies in the isochron fields which are resulted from near-surface effects. This processing kind correctness control is implemented both on the phase of processing (NMO velocity field behavior and intersection mis-tie analysis, creating spatial models of near-surface) and the phase of interpretation (paleostructural analysis, decreasing mis-ties with well-boring data, etc). During processing with recovery of amplitude ratio, the correction for the dynamic record distortions resulted from shot and receiver environment non-identity is implemented both in amplitude and spectral domain.


The wide range of software and hardware including our own products allow us to solve successfully the geological problems in any seismic and geological conditions.


26 geophysics engineers and technicians who have the experience of the work in all West Siberia regions are employed in the company “GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA” Ltd subdivisions carrying out the processing.


Currently, 7 integrated geological and geophysical analysis groups are deployed in the company “GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA” Ltd. They implement all works Ranging from field material processing and up to creating the field geostatistical model, where the seismic inversion data is extensively used.


If well-shooting data is available, the processing (re-processing) VSP data is implemented using specialized software package (by Tabakov A.A., 1995-2004).


The preparing log data and processing itself up to obtaining the petrophysical properties of the target layers is implemented within specialized home software packages GeoOffice Solver developed in Opened Joint Stock Company SRC (Scientific Recearch Center) “Tvergeofizika” and GeoPoisk. 20 specialists are employed in log data interpretation.


For the predicting reservoir parameters of detected accumulations, both traditional approaches and complicated multifactor analysis techniques are used. The special consideration is given to the petrophysical substantiation of reservoir properties prediction by seismic data.


The materials obtained as the result of well-boring and seismic data integrated interpretation are transferred to the corresponding subdivisions of the company “GEOLOGIA RESERVUARA” Ltd for reserve calculation, creating the spatial reticular models of the targets and hydrodynamic modeling.


The intermediate and final results archiving is possible in any formats satisfying the customer. 40 experienced geologists engineers, geophysicists engineers, geophysicists technicians who implement the full cycle of works from the a priori geological and geophysical information acquisition up to mounting the graphics to the technical reports, work in the subdivisions carrying out the seismic data integrated interpretation.